Independent Mortgage Brokers

When you partner with Northeast Home Loan, you’ll get best-in-class service backed by a deep understanding of the mortgage broker-borrower relationship. Our focus is to help you succeed and grow your business!

Why Work With NEHL?

Northeast Home Loan has been in the business of working with independent mortgage brokers for over 20+ years and we truly believe that you are the best choice for borrowers when they need home financing.

With a long-tenured, veteran team of underwriters, processors and closers, we will provide consistent and common-sense underwriting, seamless closings and quick turn-times. We are licensed in all six New England states as well as North Carolina.

Benefits Of Partnering With Us:

  • Seasoned Underwriters – Our underwriters average 20 years of mortgage underwriting experience and possess a deep knowledge of New England’s markets, enabling them to underwrite loans with confidence and efficiency.
  • Direct Access – Our partners always have direct access to the decision makers to discuss loan scenarios, rates, pricing etc
  • Portfolio Lending – We offer a variety of portfolio products for those borrower’s and/or properties that do not meet secondary market guidelines.
  • Local Appraisers – We do not use National AMCs for appraisals. We use local appraisers who are experts in their respective real estate markets.
  • Products – We offer great products and low rates.
  • Service – We pride ourselves on always providing exceptional service and fast turn-times.

Our Underwriting Philosophy

We take a common sense and human approach to underwriting.

Our underwriting philosophy is one of simple common sense. We review the borrower’s financial and credit situation, the property’s quality and value and more importantly we take time to listen to the story behind the loan. We understand that our partners work with people from all different economic backgrounds and with many different goals. Our experienced team of underwriters work hard to find a solution that will work for everyone involved. Our goals are to approve loans and help people enjoy the benefits of homeownership!

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