Our Staff

Following is a directory of telephone extensions and e-mail addresses:

Main Number/Receptionist: (603) 256-8515
Toll Free: 877-757-7815
Toll Free for Existing Accounts: (866) 693-7895
Fax:  (603) 256-8505

Name Ext. E-mail
Aaron  Messenger, Processor/Underwriter 3543 amessenger@northeasthome.com
Amber Faucher, Secondary Markert Shipper 3541 afaucher@northeasthome.com
Andrew Hadden, President & CEO 3522 ahadden@northeasthome.com
Becky Anderson, Processor/Underwriter 3515 banderson@northeasthome.com
Catherine Eldridge, Compliance Assistant 3520 celdridge@northeasthome.com
Chris Bristol, Disclosure Coordinator 3528 cbristol@northeasthome.com
Chris Smith, Support Services Rep 3542 csmith@northeasthome.com
Cindy Castine, Vice President/Sr. Underwriter 3519 ccastine@northeasthome.com
Dawn Loring, Chief Operations Officer 3512 dloring@northeasthome.com
Elizabeth McKeon, Support Services Rep 3510 emckeon@northeasthome.com
Gina Fuoco, Processor/Underwriter 3532 gfuoco@northeasthome.com
Heidi Johnson-Clement, VP Support Services Manager 3513 hjohnson-clement@northeasthome.com
Jay Ebbighausen, Vice President Compliance Officer 3538 jebbighausen@northeasthome.com
Jeffrey LaPointe, Secondary Market 3536 jlapointe@northeasthome.com
Jennifer Frost, Processor/Underwriter 3526 jfrost@northeasthome.com
Jeremy Faucher, Staff Accountant 3523 Jfaucher@northeasthome.com
Joshua Evans, Support Services Rep 3516 Jevans@northeasthome.com
Lisa Damian,  Sr.Vice President Support Services Officer 3524 ldamian@northeasthome.com
Mary Laliberte, Staff Accountant 3537 mlaliberte@northeasthome.com
Mikki Lamoureux, Operations Assistant 3539 mlamoureux@northeasthome.com
Olga Liptak, Closing Coordinator 3529 oliptak@northeasthome.com
Penny Hawkins, Processor 3511 phawkins@northeasthome.com
Sharon Murphy, Processor/Underwriter 3527 murphys@northeasthome.com
Sherry Snow, VP Controller 3531 ssnow@northeasthome.com
Tina Anyan, Sr. Vice President Secondary Marketing Officer 3521 tanyan@northeasthome.com
Tracey Farrell, Processor/Underwriter 3518 tfarrell@northeasthome.com